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Saint Paul Lutheran Seminary strives to engage leaders, congregations, families, young adults, and especially our students in sharing the Good News!  We will continue to build upon and make available resource material for our constituency.

CROSS Talk is a weekly online lectionary study led by Dr. James Nestingen.  Dr. Nestingen works through the texts for the coming Sunday, offering insights for Gospel preaching.  CROSS Talk meets live on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm (Central Time).  Recordings of the live sessions are also sent to all participants. Sign up for CROSS Talk by using the Contact Us form.

Text Study including the Gospels for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the two Easter texts:

Ten Commandments Sermon Series video from Rev. Dr. Mark Ryman:

1: I Am the Lord Your God  Leviticus 26:12–17Psalm 34:1–141 John 2:1–6John 14:15–21

Advent 2022 Sermons by Rev. Dr. Mark Ryman:

Fourth Sunday in Advent, December 18th, 2022

Third Sunday in Advent, December 11th, 2022

Second Sunday in Advent, December 4th, 2022

First Sunday in Advent, November 27th, 2022

Reformation Perspectives“, a four part mulit-session series engaging congregations in the Reformation from Historical (DiMauro), Theological (Fritts), Hermeneutical (Thompson), Worship (Koch) and Pastoral Care (Nestingen) contexts.  The sessions are recorded on the internet for flexibility and ease of use. They make for excellent bible study and additions to your Reformation year celebration. (The instructors are in parenthesis)   Free to supporting congregations, we ask for a donation of any amount from other groups or individuals requesting this series. Use the Contact Us form to request.

More Resources:

Check out Sola Publishing’s new worship resource area:

“Small Catechism” study by Dr. James Nestingen.  This twelve part series on DVD is an excellent resource for bible study and review.  Approximately 35-60 minutes each.

Suggested donation: $110.  The session titles:

    1. The Lutheran Confessions
    2. Justification
    3. Law and Gospel
    4. Ten Words
    5. God the Father.
    6. Who is Jesus?
    7. Redeemed
    8. Holy Spirit
    9. Lord’s Prayer
   10. Baptism
   11. Confession and Absolution
   12. Communion

Contact Anne Gleason:

 “Attic Guitar Hymnal”  from Eric Rodgers.

The pdf below is a small sampling of the 96 hymns included in The Attic Guitar Hymnal.  With theologically sound lyrics, traditional, singable melodies, and playable chords, this volume contains some of the most memorable musical expressions of the faith set for guitar.  It is the primary source of worship music for the Attic Community in St. Louis, Missouri and is suitable for small or large groups. The full hymnal will soon be available in print, and every purchaser will have online access to each individual hymn in pdf format for easy copying as well as mp3 demo recordings.

May the Lord Jesus use them to bless and enrich your worship!

Peace of Christ,

PDF of Sampler