Students’ Corner

Dear students,  we include below a daily video series from the Rev. Dr. Mark Ryman. Enjoy and Blessings!

January 28th Favor the Lowly

January 27th The Marriage Will

January 26th Love Your Neighbor

January 25th Wheat and Weeds

January 24th Many Functions

January 23rd Failure

January 22nd Prophecy

January 21st Content with the Gospel

January 20th Love Is Not Vengeful

January 19th Worship for Christ’s Sake

January 18th Dealing with Trouble

January 17th Christ Alone

January 16th Transformed Thought

January 15th Appearances

January 14th Acceptable Sacrifice

January 13th Faith in His Word

January 12th Bless

January 11th Kept in Humble Faith

January 10th Living Sacrifice

January 9th Indebted to Love

January 8th Evidence of Faith

January 7th The Twofold Effect of the Gospel

January 6th To Know Christ

January 5th The Rising of the Light

January 4th Through Faith

January 3rd He Is Written

January 2nd The Gift of God

January 1st The Mark of God

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