St. Paul Scholarship Program

A limited amount of scholarship funds have been made available for St. Paul Lutheran Seminary students through the generosity of our community of supporters. Funds are currently available for U.S. residents and international students. Since these scholarship benefits are applicable to both the MDiv and Ministry Certification programs, we encourage prospective students to contact Student Affairs as soon as possible for additional details.

We wish to thank all of our donors, volunteers, congregations and partners for the time, talent and treasure lifting up St. Paul Lutheran Seminary!

Supporters interested in strengthening the scholarship program or endowing scholarship funds please call the administrative office, (314) 497-2400.


Serving as a military chaplain is a special calling.  It is not for everyone. Military service is for those who want to serve in meaningful work, be part of a community of brothers and sisters who will always be there for you, and know that they are contributing to the protection of our nation and its way of life.

The military needs more chaplains. Chaplains are allocated to the services based on the number of military personnel.  As the services get larger, more chaplains are needed.  The military is currently recovering from some of its lowest numbers in many years, so there is a constant need for more chaplains.

At the present time LCMC only has fourteen (14) military chaplains.  As the need for chaplains grows, LCMC needs to put some focus on this area.  Chaplains can come from the pastors currently serving congregations or from seminaries.  Currently serving pastors find it difficult to make a major life change, so our seminaries give us the best chance of increasing our number of chaplains.

In order to assist with growing the Chaplains Corps within LCMC, St Paul Lutheran Seminary is creating a “Military Chaplain Scholarship Program.’  Students who plan to serve as a military chaplain will be able to draw from this fund (subject to availability, number of candidates, etc) to pay seminary costs.

If you would be interested in donating to the scholarship program, please send a check to St Paul Lutheran Seminary, P.O. Box 251, Midland, GA  31820.   Checks should be made out to St Paul Lutheran Seminary, with Chaplain Scholarship on the memo line.

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